2022 Official Selection / Etheria Film Night
Directed by Annalise Lockhart
USA | 13 min

A Black family in rural Vermont attempts to live a life of solitude and cope with the ghosts living on their property.

Director Statement
As a kid growing up in Manhattan, I would spend the summers disappearing into the woods around our cabin in Vermont with my siblings. I was aware of a stark contrast there – I spent most of my life in a place full of people, where I was aware of being watched. I felt lucky to have this place I could escape to and feel truly alone. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always like that – especially as a Black family, we had instances of feeling othered at our own home. Thus, this story emerged from a desire to address the ways stereotypes from the “real world” can follow us into the “natural world.” As Black people, we are both hyper-visible and largely unseen (for who we really are). However, sometimes not being seen can work to our advantage. Invisibility can bring peace and quiet, or, more subversively, the freedom to do or say things we couldn’t imagine otherwise. On one visit to Vermont, I became obsessed with the tubing network connecting the trees to the sugar houses. I wondered – what would future generations think the networks accomplished if they stumbled onto them, abandoned in the woods? What myths would future generations create to explain the purpose of these contraptions? This film is an ode to that place, as well as a fantasy I’ve held for a long time. What if we could disappear? What if we had control over how and when we are seen?

Director Bio
Annalise Lockhart is a director, writer, and producer, born and raised in New York. Her work is influenced by her Afro-Futurist beliefs, and the genre’s power for change. She has worked extensively as a 1st Assistant Director on projects such as Random Acts of Flyness (HBO), The Assistant (2019), The Fits (2015), and Chained For Life (2018). Inheritance is her first short film as a director. She received her B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing while at Stanford University.