Do No Harm
Directed by Roseanne Liang (12:00) (Action/Thriller) (New Zealand)
In an aging private hospital, a surgeon is forced to break her physician’s oath when violent gangsters storm in to stop a crucial operation.

Directed by Olga Osorio (13:00) (Science Fiction) (Spain)
Summer of 1982. Teo claims he has found a wormhole. His brother Óscar does not believe him…at least not for now.

Directed by Tara Price (5:00) (Horror) (USA)
When a reclusive man is repeatedly woken up over the course of a night by severe headaches, accompanied by musical repetition from an unknown source, his sanity begins to swiftly unravel.

Directed by Bridget Savage Cole (10:00) (Science Fiction) (USA)
Swell is an app that allows users to change their mood or emotion through sound. When a young couple tries to control each other’s settings, their relationship is tested by a cacophony of emotions.

Jules D.
Directed by Norma Vila (14:00) (Horror/Fantasy) (Spain)
Dreams die, blood is eternal.

The Honeymoon
Directed by Ruth Pickett (12:30) (Dark Comedy) (UK)
A newlywed Christian couple go on their honeymoon to what they believe to be a quaint B&B in the Welsh countryside. But the cottage turns out to be a sex den, and events go horribly wrong.

Real Artists
Directed by Cameo Wood (12:00) (Science Fiction) (USA)
In the near future, a young animator is offered what should be her dream job, but, when she discovers the truth of the modern ‘creative’ process, she must make a hard choice about her passion for film.

Directed by Thirati Kulyingwattanavit (6:45) (Horror) (USA)
An ancient Thai legend says that if an unborn child is sacrificed to the darkness, eternal life can be attained – at the risk of the restless mother’s spirit exacting her revenge.