Well, Etheria Film Night 2015 is a wrap!

Etheria Film Night 2015 – that’s a wrap!

We can’t believe another event has passed. We spend all year working on making Etheria Film Night 2015 at the Egyptian Theatre what it is – and we couldn’t do it without the staff at the Egyptian Theatre, the volunteers, the press, the sponsors, the community partners, the attendees, and, of course, the filmmakers Ursula Dabrowsky, Chloe Okuno, Mara Tasker, Martha Goddard, Gigi Guerrero, Amber Benson, Axelle Carolyn, Arantxa Echevarria, and Karen Gillan.

Arantxa Echevarria’s DE NOCHE Y DE PRONTO took home the Jury Award for Best Short Film, while Chloe Okuno’s SLUT won the Audience Award. CONGRATS!

I can’t express our gratitude – your time, energy, enjoyment, and support are what makes this event happen. We do this because the films, the filmmakers, and the fans are important to us, and when you support us, it means the world to us. Our community support team from Reel GrrlsWomen in Media, Film Fatales LA, Seeking our Story, The Director List, Alliance of Women Directors, Ms in the Biz, and Women Intersectionality in Moving Pictures Society is astounding, and we love you guys. The support from genre fans at Dread Central, Whedonopolis, OnceUponaFan, Fangoria Magazine, and so many more is overwhelming.

All of our staff and volunteers, friends and family, supporters and sponsors are invaluable, but Etheria Film Night 2015 literally would not have been the event that it was without the support and awesomeness of Morgan Faust, Jack Bennett, Jim Kunz, Rebekah McKendry, Brea Grant, Amber Benson, Axelle Carolyn, Tricia Helfer, Jane Espenson, Juliet Landau, Jenna Payne, Melanie Marquez, Ramzi Abed, Elle Schneider, Grant Moninger, Leo Enticknap, Oliver Brink, Tema Staig, Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki, Mallory O’Meara, Miguel Rodriguez, and Helenna Santos.

The complete press coverage will end up on the press page, so check back there for the full coverage of our 2015 event. For now, enjoy these highlights like the Legion of Leia interview with Jane Espenson, Fashionably Nerdy’s coverage,  Dread Central’s pictorial report, and the entire red carpet coverage by TheStream.tv!

Jane Espenson, Tricia Helfer, and Amber Benson at Etheria Film Night 2015

Jane Espenson, receiving the Inspiration Award from Tricia Helfer and Amber Benson at Etheria Film Night 2015.