Women's Alliance of Fantastic Film Festivals

The Women’s Alliance of Fantastic Film Festivals (WAFFF) was founded in 2015 by international festival programmers to help women genre filmmakers find an increased audience for their films and to increase the programming quality at women’s genre film festivals. All film festivals in the WAFFF cooperate in cross-promotion and collaborative events. Filmmakers are encouraged to submit to all WAFFF film festivals to maximize their exposure to genre fans around the world. WAFFF member festivals have access to a private, growing network of women filmmakers seeking quality festivals for their new genre films, and therefore all WAFFF festivals must meet the following criteria:

  • Are open to female filmmakers only
  • Screen only fantastic/genre films
  • Hold at least one annual screening event
  • Meet high standards of professionalism in treatment of filmmakers, audience, cultural/artistic message, and promotion/marketing
  • Have existed in current form for at least two (2) years

Current WAFFF members:

Ax Wound Film Festival       Scream Queen Film Fest Tokyo      Etheria Film Night stranger with my face


New festivals admitted into the WAFFF must compliment the member film festivals rather than compete and must submit a one page mission statement or similar for consideration. For questions about the WAFFF, please contact heidi@etheriafilmnight.com