Women Underground 2016 Selections

Women Underground is a separate Etheria Tour showcase of the strangest surreal, experimental, sale violent, unhealthy absurdist, darkly comedic, and wildly entertaining new short films directed by women. The 2016 Women Underground selections are all films that were submitted to Etheria Film Night 2016 and that represent the most innovative, avant-garde, and unusual new filmmaking talents. Women Underground selections will be screened at a stand-alone Etheria screening event.


The 2016 Women Underground shorts selections are:

Deadpan (Gloria Mercer) (Canada)

Disco Inferno (Alice Waddington) (UK)

I Wish I Could Forget (April Bedan) (USA)

I’ll Eat You Alive (Amara Cash) (USA)

John Orpheus is Dead (Erica Robinson) (Canada)

Killing Time (Michelle Fox) (UK)

Minimum Wage (Joey Alley) (USA)

Pimp Girl (Beth Dewey) (USA)

Spaghetti Man (Eva Dufaud) (France)

The Pink Sorrys (Anam Syad) (USA/India)

Tigan and Moggs (Megan Elizabet & Meg Gamez) (USA)