At the annual June showcase in Hollywood, California, Etheria recognizes one amazing person who has inspired women to go out and make genre films. The recipient receives the award in person at the festival ceremony in front of the audience. The list of Inspiration Awardees so far is:

  • 2012: Mary Lambert (“Pet Semetery”, presented by Denise Crosby)
  • 2013: Jennifer Lynch (“The Walking Dead”, presented by Brea Grant)
  • 2014: Lexi Alexander (“Punisher: Warzone”, presented by Kristina Klebe)
  • 2015: Jane Espenson (“Once Upon a Time”, presented by Amber Benson and Tricia Helfer)
  • 2016: Jackie Kong (“Blood Diner”, presented by Jen and Sylvia Soska)
  • 2017: Stephanie Rothman (“The Student Nurses”, presented by Roger Corman)
  • 2018: Rachel Talalay (“Dr. Who”, presented by Lori Petty and John Waters)