Directed by Silvia Conesa
Spain | 11 min
Science Fiction

In the year 2065, a man enters an old holographic sex booth intending to take a nap, but he accidentally activates the sex hologram.

Director Statement

Director Bio
Actress, Director and writer from Cartagena (Spain). She studied cinematographic script at the Madrid Film Institute and Master in Film Direction at the Superior School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia (ESCAC). As an actress she has worked in theater, film and television since 2009. In 2017 she writes, directs and produces the short film Evströnger, obtaining several awards and more than 100 national and international selections, among which are “Mórbido Fest”, “Fantafestival”, “Athens International Film + Video Festival ”and“ Medina del Campo”. In 2018 she created her own fiction producer company “Gerión Films”, especially oriented to the fantastic genre. It is under this label that she directs two science fiction films: “Shagomatic 500” and Hamelin, the last one in post-production