Directed by Anna Chazelle
USA | 10 min
Science Fiction/Horror

In a post-apocalyptic world where survival means never stepping off a thin narrow path, a lone woman must evade a creature that stalks her every move.

Director Statement
Post-apocalyptic films have always entranced me as a storyteller. On the surface, they may be about survival, but once the excess noise of our daily lives has been excised, we are left with nothing else but the deafening drone of our unbridled emotions: our passions, our love, our true fears. Once everything else is stripped away, what do we find ourselves drawn to? What do we dream of? …And what can be used against us? We have seen a resurgence in intimate and evocative apocalyptic thrillers, namely A Quiet Place, Bird Box, It Comes At Night, and less recently Children of Men, 28 Days Later, and The Road. As a horror filmmaker, the quiet tension afforded in the aforementioned films rivals some of the best horrors, and it’s to no surprise that the two genres so often overlap: rather than the danger being in a haunted house, in an apocalyptic world, the danger is everywhere: it is in our homes, in the air, in our society. It’s in the sounds we make, or what we see, or in the case of Narrow, in the very ground we walk on. Any one of us can walk across a foot-wide walkway. But what about when it’s 1,000 feet off the ground? Or when the neighboring soil is a minefield? …Or when what lies just beyond is a horror beyond anything you can imagine, a demon that sinks into your bones and skin?

Director Bio
ANNA CHAZELLE is a French-American filmmaker and actor, based in Los Angeles. Her notable acting credits include La La Land, First Man, Life Support, Nicaea, and more. While working as an actor in New York, she trained at New York University, the Atlantic Acting School, the Ken Schatz Studio, and the Shakespeare Forum. She has appeared in New York-based and regional theatre up and down the East Coast (Stageworks/Hudson, the Gallery Players, Oberon at A.R.T, the Manhattan Repertory Festival, amongst others) before relocating to Los Angeles, where her screenwriting work has advanced at Sundance, the Austin Film Festival, and ScreenCraft. She has worked in the writer’s room on multiple original streaming dramas, including the upcoming Netflix original series Cursed (starring Katherine Langford, created by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller).