Written and Directed by Ursula Dabrowsky
Produced by Sue Brown
Featuring Sarah Jeavons, Andreas Sobik, Kerry Reid, Todd Telford, and Scarlett Hocking

“You Don’t Have To Die To Go To Hell”

The second film in Sue Brown’s DEMONS Trilogy, INNER DEMON will have its North American Premiere at the 2015 Etheria Film Night showcase on June 13.

INNER DEMON tells the nightmarish tale of Sam, a teenager abducted by a serial killer couple. Sam manages to escape and find refuge in an isolated house only to discover that it is home to greater terrors and a malevolent spirit. Hiding in a cupboard, bleeding to death, and waiting for her chance to escape, Sam is propelled into a struggle for survival – one that will push her to the limits not only physically and emotionally, but spiritually.

Partly inspired by the true story of David and Catherine Birnie, the serial killing Perth-based couple, INNER DEMON features a stunning performance from newcomer Sarah Jeavons as “Sam.”

At the 2014 A Night of Horror International Film Festival in Sydney, INNER DEMON won three awards: Best Australian Film, Best Australian Director, and Best Female Performance for Sarah Jeavons.

Filmmaker’s Statement:

Horror audiences are so bored with most of the horror films that come out because they are so predictable. I know I am, so I decided to take liberties with the narrative, push the boundaries, experiment, and come up with something different. But this means the audience has to work at understanding what is happening. It’s a risk, but one I decided was worth taking in order to offer horror fans a fresh perspective.

Programmers’ Statement:

Brimming with tension and scenes of profound physical and mental agony, INNER DEMON’s wooded landscapes and hardened, bogan psychopaths impress a gritty feeling that can only come from an independent, Australian horror film. It’s literally awesome, and exactly the kind of intense horror film directed by a woman that we want our Etheria audience to experience.

In 2009, Ursula Dabrowsky astonished fans with the first installment in the trilogy, the supernatural horror feature FAMILY DEMONS.  The third film (currently in development) is THE DEVIL’S WORK. While not linked via narrative, every film in the DEMONS trilogy is linked thematically, focusing on family dynamics.  They also all have a vulnerable main female character in her teens who is physically trapped in a space, or figuratively trapped within a psychological space, and is battling with a “monster”, either real or a figment of her imagination.

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