Etheria  Film Night 2016 Tour

The Etheria Film Night 2016 Tour selections are film that made it to our 2016 final judging round, cialis but ultimately did not make it to the final lineup and will not screen on June 11 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. These films are top new genre films directed by women out of thousands of 2016 entries and should be thought of as “honorable mentions”. 2016 Etheria Tour selections will play in cities around the world at Etheria screenings at conventions, film festivals, stand-alone events, and at museums, art galleries, and universities. The 2016 Etheria Film Night Tour Selections Are:

2043 (Genie Muggleton) (Science Fiction/Horror) (Australia)

And They Watched (Vivian Lin) (Horror) (Canada)

Carved (Mary C. Russell) (Horror) (USA)

Fish out of Water (Kirsten Carthew) (Horror) (Canada)

Grace (Karen Nielson) (Science Fiction/Horror) (Canada)

Innsmouth (Izzy Lee) (Horror) (USA)

Madre de Dios (Gigi Saul Guerrero) (Horror) (Canada)

Maria (Joana Viegas) (Horror) (Portugal)

Night Terrors (Merinda Staubli) (Horror) (Australia)

Remote Viewing (Kirsten Andersen Suave) (Comedy/Science Fiction) (Canada)

Seiren (Kat Threlkeld) (Fantasy/Horror)(Canada)

Summoned (Victoria Angell) (Horror) (Canada)

The Grid (Andi Osho) (Science Fiction) (UK)

The Light Thief (Eva Daoud) (Fantasy) (Bahrain)

Used Body Parts (Venita Ozols-Graham) (Horror) (USA)

Vamp (Denise Castro Palaudarias) (Horror/Science Fiction) (Spain)

Vintage Blood (Abigail Blackmore) (Horror/Comedy) (UK)

Where Are You? (Chelsea Stardust Peters) (Horror) (USA)


Perspectives Program

The Etheria Perspectives lineup is a new Tour event conceived during the 2016 judging process. Perspectives Selections are all films that made it to the 2016 finalist round and that share a running theme: differing, or altered, perspectives on reality. The Perspectives selections will play at a stand-alone Etheria event in Los Angeles, California.

El Ultimo Bus
 (Arantxa Echevarria) (Thriller) (Spain)

Fragile Storm (Dawn Fields) (Thriller) (USA)

Indigo (Jody Wilson) (Thriller/Science Fiction) (Canada)

Made Out Of Meat (Safiyya Lea) (Science Fiction) (UK)

Medic (Kelly Ruth Mercier) (Drama/Thriller) (Canada)

Mi Casa, Su Casa (Sarah Verhagen) (Comedy) (France)

Test Drive (Lynne Vincent McCarthy) (Thriller) (Australia)

The Other Side (Akiko Izumitani) (Action/Thriller) (USA)