The Etheria World Tour features ongoing events all over the world at universities, art galleries, conventions, museums, and independent theaters. Films will screen at the Days of the Dead year-round travelling horror convention in the United States, in Long Beach, California on July 29, 2017 at the Midsummer Scream Convention, as well as in Toronto, London, Sydney, Boston, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, Vancouver, and many more large cities at our partner festivals, pop-up Etheria screenings, official Etheria Women in Horror Month events, and horror/sci-fi/comic conventions around the world throughout 2017 and 2018.


2017 Official Etheria Tour Selections

A Knock at the Door (Katrina Rennells and Wendie Weldon) (8:00) (Horror) (USA)

Bestia (Gigi Saul Guerrero) (8:00) (Horror) (CANADA/MEXICO)

Connie (Cat Davies) (20:00) (Horror/Comedy) (UK)

From Hell She Rises (Ama Lea) (8:00) (Horror) (USA)

I Should Have Run (Gabriela Staniszewska) (4:00) (Horror) (UK)

Impactus (Kathryn D. Moeller) (7:00) (Horror) (USA)

INK (Ashlea Wessel) (8:00) (Horror) (CANADA)

Ready to Burst (Ariel Hansen) (11:00) (Horror) (CANADA)

Rites of Vengeance (Izzy Lee) (4:30) (Horror) (USA)

Scratch (Emma Bell) (14:00) (Horror) (USA)

Smile (Chelsea Robinson) (14:00) (Horror) (USA)

The Man Who Caught a Mermaid (Kaitlin Tinker) (16:00) (Horror) (AUSTRALIA)

Undress Me (Amelia Moses) (13:30) (Horror) (CANADA)

Venefica (Maria Wilson) (7:30) (Horror) (USA)