Ovum (2018)
Directed by Cidney Hue. 7:45, Science Fiction (USA)

In the near future, Rosalyn must make a hard choice after a mind bending procedure.

Ovum - directed by Cidney Hue.png

Director Bio: CIDNEY HUE is a sci-fi director and filmmaker in NYC with a focus on women, environmental issues, and science-driven projects. Her three-time award-winning short, Odessa, recounts the journey of an astronaut’s last night on Earth. It was distributed by Gaiam TV & Indieflix and premiered on io9. Her webseries for Wired & Reddit, Cyborg Nation, profiles scientists at the forefront of prosthetics, robotics, and brain-computer interfaces. The series has garnered over half a million views and was nominated for a Webby in 2016. Her environmental documentary, Shark Loves the Amazon, toured nationally and premiered at the World Sustainability Forum to leaders and policy makers. Throughout her commercial career, she has directed and designed content for United Airlines, NASA JPL, Condé Nast, IMG, Scholastic, Imagine Science, Brennan Center for Justice, Specialty Food, Open Road Media, and more.

Director Statement: I firmly believe great science fiction should hold a mirror to our society and challenge our deeply set traditions. That’s why I write humanistic sci-fi stories that take place in our near and possible future. The characters and their connections to each other are paramount over flashy VFX or plot devices. OVUM was borne out of my frustrations of the continued attacks on women’s reproductive rights as well as the evolution of VR technology. I’m a first generation Chinese-American woman working in the male dominated field of science fiction film and was very conscious in how I casted roles in front of and behind the camera. The main cast is multi-racial and consists of primarily women and people of color. I also know firsthand how difficult it can be to rise up as a female filmmaker and made sure to employ women behind the scenes in all the department heads including the Cinematographer, Producer, and Production Designer. It’s not enough for me to just talk about inclusivity, we all need to do the work necessary to raise women and each other up. This film is proof that trusting and hiring women to lead can produce great and challenging stories. Thank you for watching my film!