Submissions for Etheria 2019 are open from Sept 1, 2018 through March 1, 2019

We only accept submissions through FilmFreeway:
Submit to Etheria with FilmFreeway!

ALL FILMS submitted to Etheria Film Night on FilmFreeway will be immediately eligible and considered for:

  • THE MAIN JUNE LINEUP in Hollywood, California, of the best new short genre films directed by women.
  • THE WORLD TOUR – an ongoing traveling showcase that takes selected films around the world for festivals, university screenings, conventions, and private events.
  • MONDO CULT – our monthly showcase of awesome and innovative new filmmaking at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Films can be selected for one, more than one, or none of the above.

Please read thoroughly before submitting:



Your film MUST be directed by a woman. A woman is someone who currently identifies as a woman when it comes to gender or sex. If there is a co-director, they must also be a woman. We are no longer accepting films with male co-directors.  We embrace the queer and LGBT communities. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please do not hesitate to ask the director of programming, Heidi Honeycutt.


Etheria Film Night only screens science fiction, horror, action, thriller, fantasy, speculative fiction, adventure, dark drama, grindhouse, crime, western, satire, dystopian, apocalyptic, mystery, noir, dark comedy, heist, disaster films, and any combination thereof.


Etheria Film Night plays a lineup of roughly 6-12 short films and one feature-length film. A short film should be between one minute and 20 minutes in length. We are no longer accepting feature film submissions. Feature films are invite-only. Please contact for more information. Feature films may not be submitted through the form on this website or through the submission services.


  1. It doesn’t matter if your short film has screened anywhere else first; this is a showcase of the very best new films regardless of previous screenings. Think of us as a “best of” short film event.
  2. FEATURE FILMS are invite-only and are no longer accepted via submissions. If you have any questions, email Heidi Honeycutt.


EARLY: Sept 1 – October 31, 2018: $15 US
MIDDLE: November 1, 2018 – December 15, 2018: $20 US
GETTING LATE: December 16, 2018 – January 31, 2019: $25 US
LATE: January 31, 2019 – March 1, 2019: $30 US

Without your submission fee, your film submission is considered incomplete.


  1. Upload your film to  We will not upload it for you. You may password protect your entry but do not change the password until we’ve made our final decisions in March 2019 otherwise our judges will not be able to view your entry.
  2. Have your acceptance materials READY to send in. If accepted you will need to deliver materials with a very tight deadline, otherwise your film may get cut from the lineup. It’s your responsibility to provide materials so we may effectively screen your film.
  3. You must be the copyright owner of the film.


Filmmakers will be notified regarding their acceptance status on or about April 15, 2019. These materials are due immediately, otherwise your film may not be screened:

  1. Three high-resolution digital photos of the director. Photos need to be 300 DPI and over 800 pixels. Aim for production stills that capture filmmaker directing/producing on set.
  2. Five high-resolution digital images from the submitted entry. This can be screenshots, posters, and production stills. Photos need to be 300 DPI and over 800 pixels.
  3. A mailed physical copy of the film on a physical drive. Address will be provided. DVDs are not accepted. These are the film file requirements:
  • Quicktime File (MP4 or MOV)
  • 23.976 fps
  • Codec: H.264
  • Bitrate: 40 Mbps
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (add letterboxing/pillarboxing if necessary)
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
  • AAC Audio at 16-bit or 24-bit, at least 48kHz



"Words will never do justice to the magic that was this year's [2018] Etheria Fest... I can't thank the amazing Etheria team enough for their support, generosity and inspiration. They are definitely part of the solution!"

Amanda Serra, Elizabeth Serra, Victoria Serra, and Kristina Aaryn Martin

Amanda Serra, Elizabeth Serra, Victoria Serra, and Kristina Aaryn Martin

Filmmakers / Filmmakers of Etheria 2018 Official Selection "Skin Deep"

"This festival was outstanding! ... This festival is ALL about the filmmakers and I highly recommend it!"

"Great festival that is a real champion of genre film makers. Very supportive of the films it screens and the female film making teams behind them."

"If you can get into this fest its amazing probably the BEST fest I have ever had the pleasure to partake in...even just attending as a supporter you will get something out of it."

"Being part of Etheria felt like more than being part of a festival - it was like being in a really cool team of kickass genre women."

"We got some great press and response from our film, and many people reported on the excellent quality of the films. I highly recommend applying and attending this film if you can!"

"Thank you for your support this past year of my short film, Undress Me. Your festival was a great help in bringing the film to a wider audience."

"I was so in love with all the amazing films screened and being able to sit up there and talk about horror movies with you talented, amazing women was just the best...This is awesome. You all are awesome."

“Managers and studio executives have already contacted me since the Egyptian event three days ago. It’s amazing. I have been in several major festivals with this short, in fact I have been in four Oscar qualifiers and this only happens with Etheria, so congratulations, you are doing an amazing job.”

"I feel that years from now I will be able to say that Etheria was the catalyst that helped jump start my career."

"I can say first hand that showing at Etheria Film Night was a highlight of our festival run."

Fiona Underhill

Fiona Underhill

Journalist / Jumpcut Online

"I was genuinely blown away by the quality of the eight short genre films at Etheria Film Night [2017]. It was an amazing evening, that I feel privileged to have been a part of. I just hope Hollywood sits up and takes notice..."

Natalie Wilson

Natalie Wilson

Journalist/Scholar / The Establishment

"Etheria’s offerings walk this walk year after year, spitting in the face of those who say women don’t gravitate toward creating or watching dark, cerebral, or disturbing films."

Danni Darko

Danni Darko

Journalist / Morbidly Beautiful

"Etheria has evolved into much more than simply a platform to champion fair representation among the sexes in Hollywood. It is a vast network of passionate, skillful, and knowledgeable fans and filmmakers."

Andrew Kasch

Andrew Kasch

Writer/Director / Dread Central

"One of the most exciting events in Los Angeles is Etheria, a film festival dedicated specifically to showing sci-fi, fantasy, and horror from women filmmakers. Their programming is top-notch..."

Robert "Corpsy" Rhine

Robert "Corpsy" Rhine

Publisher/Deaditor-In-Chief / Girls and Corpses Magazine

“Girls and Corpses Magazine and Corpsy were proud to host The 2016 Etheria Film Night.”

Steve Barton

Steve Barton

Editor In Chief / Dread Central

“One of the best damned film festivals in the country.”

Roger Corman

Roger Corman

Director, Producer / Etheria Guest of Honor

“I wasn’t really trying to give women their first break. I was trying to find the best director, writer, or below the line individual, and if they happened to be a woman, I would hire them. Other guys would look only at men, while I would look at the talent irrespective of their gender.”

Amber Benson

Amber Benson

Actress, Director, Producer / Director of ":SheVenge" - Etheria 2015 Official Selection

“The fact that I am part of this amazing line up of amazing female horror/sci-fi directors, it makes me really excited. I feel like it’s important and more women need to be involved in genre."

Scott Feinblatt

Scott Feinblatt

Writer / Rue Morge Magazine

"The fact that the films played to a full house of excited guests proves that Etheria continues to be a key destination for movie lovers and champions of female auteurs."