Etheria Film Night Press

“One of the most exciting events in Los Angeles is Etheria, a film festival dedicated specifically to showing sci-fi, fantasy, and horror from women filmmakers. Their programming is top-notch, and I’ve seen more talent come out of there the last few years than anything Hollywood shat out in its 2014 horror output.” – Andrew Kasch, Dread Central

“Etheria has evolved into much more than simply a platform to champion fair representation among the sexes in Hollywood. It is a vast network of passionate, skillful, and knowledgeable fans and filmmakers — all connected in hopes of achieving equality within the entertainment industry.” – Danni Darko, Morbidly Beautiful

“Etheria’s offerings walk this walk year after year, spitting in the face of those who say women don’t gravitate toward creating or watching dark, cerebral, or disturbing films” – Natalie Wlson via The Establishment

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