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Thank you for submitting to Etheria Film Night! Etheria Film Night is an annual curated screening of the best short science fiction, action, fantasy, horror, and thriller films directed by women. One out-of-competition feature will be screened as well.

Submissions for Etheria Film Night 2016 run from July 1, 2015 through February 29, 2016.

You may use the form below to submit your film, or, if you prefer, you may use one of the following submission services:

Film festival Life     

Please read the rules thoroughly before submitting



Your film MUST be directed by a woman. A woman is someone who currently identifies as a woman when it comes to gender or sex. If there is a co-director, they must also be a woman. We are no longer accepting films with male co-directors.


Etheria Film Night only screens science fiction, horror, action, thriller, fantasy, speculative fiction, adventure, dark drama, grindhouse, crime, western, satire, dystopian, apocalyptic, mystery, noir, dark comedy, heist, disaster films, and any combination thereof.


Etheria Film Night plays a lineup of roughly 6-12 short films and one feature-length film. A short film should be between 20 seconds and 20 minutes in length. We are no longer accepting feature film submissions. Feature films are invite-only. Please contact for more information. Feature films may not be submitted through the form on this website or through the submission services.


1. It doesn’t matter if your short film has screened anywhere else first; this is a showcase of the very best new films regardless of previous screenings. Think of us as a “best of” short film event.

FEATURE FILMS are invite-only and are no longer accepted via submissions. If you have any questions, email


As of July 1, 2015, Etheria Film Night charges submission fees. Fees are as follows:

EARLY: July 1, 2015-November 30, 2015: $10 US
MIDDLE: December 1, 2015-December 31, 2016: $15 US
LATE: January 1, 2016 – January 31, 2016: $20 US
REALLY LATE: February 1, 2016 – February 29, 2016: $25 US

Without your submission fee, your film submission is considered incomplete. If you use the form below to submit your film, you will be prompted to pay via PAYPAL after pressing the “submit” button.


1. Upload your film to, dropbox, or and provide us with the link below in this agreement. We will not upload it for you. You may password protect your entry but do not change the password until we’ve made our final decisions in March 2016 otherwise our judges will not be able to view your entry.

2. Fill out this submission agreement with every film entry. By submitting this legally binding agreement, you are stating that you have read the official rules stated above.

3. Have your acceptance materials READY to send in. If accepted you will need to deliver materials with a very tight deadline, otherwise your film may get cut from the lineup. It’s your responsibility to provide materials so we may effectively screen your film.

4. You must be the copyright owner of the film.


Filmmakers will be notified regarding their acceptance status on or about March 31, 2016. These materials are due immediately, otherwise your film may not be screened:

1. Three high resolution digital photos of the director. Photos need to be 300 DPI and over 800 pixels. Aim for production stills that capture filmmaker directing/producing on set.

2. Five high resolution digital images from the submitted entry. This can be screenshots, posters, and production stills. Photos need to be 300 DPI and over 800 pixels.

3. A mailed physical copy of the film on a drive in PRORES in 1080. Address will be provided. We do not accept DVDs.

Film Title:

Year Completed:

Nation in which film was made:

Film Entry Link ( or link must be provided, Google Doc or Dropbox Links accepted as well):

Film Entry Password (Only fill this out if you put a password on your film. Do not change this password):

Film Running Time:

Aspect Ratio:
 Widescreen (16 x 9/1:78) Full screen (4:3) Scope (2.37/2.39) Letterboxed

Genre: (select as many as apply)
 Science Fiction Fantasy Action Thriller Horror Comedy Dark Comedy Western Noir Dark Drama

Synopsis (100 words or less. Please check for spelling errors):

Website/social network page for film:

Would this be a premiere? Los Angeles? West Coast? USA? Worldwide?




Director's Website(s):

Director's Biography:


Producer's Website(s):

Producer's Biography:

Director of Photography:



Top-billed actors and their respective characters:

Copyright Owner (Person who is filling out this form):

Copyright owner's address

Street Address Line 1:

Street Address Line 2:



Postal/Zip Code:


Phone Number:

By signing this form, the copyright owner(s) listed agree to the following terms and conditions of submission of materials to this festival:

1. The copyright owner(s) listed accept in full Etheria Film Night's terms and conditions detailed above and grants Etheria Film Night permission to screen this film entry at their festivals, carpet ceremonies, and partner events on copyright owner(s) behalf domestically and internationally.

2. The copyright owner(s) listed warrant that they are the owners of the Film submitted, including copyright therein, that they have the right to grant Etheria Film Night the use of the Film and all the rights herein granted; that they have or will obtain all required authorizations, consents, and releases from others, including but not limited to those who appear recognizable in the submitted Film or who rendered services in connection therewith; and that Etheria Film Night's use of the Film as provided herein will not violate the rights of another person, entity or organization.

3. The copyright owner(s) listed will indemnify and hold harmless Etheria Film Night, its Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers, Sponsors, and Partners individually and collectively, from and against all claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses including legal expenses arising out of or in connection with any and all claims, or third party claims based on material submitted to Etheria Film Night.

4. The copyright owner(s) grants Etheria Film Night permission to utilize their likeness, images, footage, and sound (clips from the film, music and dialogue, production stills, screenshots, or images of their person) they provide in relation to their accepted film entry for the Etheria Film Festival and organization via online, print, big screen, PSA's, commercials, interviews, articles, and radio domestically and internationally. Copyright owner(s) will receive no compensation whatsoever for the organization's use of their images or likeness utilized to promote or advertise any event or service. Etheria Film Night may utilize these images at their discretion, with no responsibility to filmmaker in regards to permission or requests.

Copyright Owner states that all numbers, facts, and information are true and legally binding.

Writing your name below is a legally valid signature and the Etheria Film Night is not responsible for any misleading information on your part or that of a third party.

Signed by and on behalf of:

Signatory's Email (required):


You will be emailed a copy of this submission form, please keep a copy for your own records.